Meet The McCulloughs

Love is in the air as the countdown to #MeetTheMcCulloughs continues! Shot by Amber Knowles, styled by the bride herself (Raven's Style Haven), & featured on the renown Black Bride blog, Raven & Brandon will be getting the #OperationMakeTheBrideHappy experience.
Will you?

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A.Bevy's Impress Your Self Scholarship Mixer challenges young adults to leave genuine impressions upon their peers by first knowing who you and then expressing it in through hospitality, dress, & conversation. The music of the annual event correlates directly with the events purpose. Listen to my #IYS17 playlist & hear what knowing your TRUE self sounds like.

Mr. & Mrs. Carl & Felicia Highsmith's wedding was one for the books. Above, check out pay-per view performances as the bride's nephews perform a New Edition classic in tribute to her love - & the bride and her bridesmaid's as they "Cater 2" some very deserving men.

Celebrate Reasonable Doubt's 20th Anniversary with a new B.White Exclusive.
Introducing: Jaÿ -Z | Stream & Download Here.