In 2006 the first B.White Mix was created.  For 4 years prior to that, Bryant had utilized P2P tools such as Bearshare, Limewire, along with CD purchase and ripping in order to provide custom mixed CDs for friends, family, and events. Having become avid Playstation gamers, Bryant and his friends found out that the PS2 online headset could also be used to record sounds on his mama's desktop computer via Sonic Foundry's Sony ACID Pro. The headset was used for voice overs, rapping, and singing - but what sparked the birth of the B.White Mix was the recording of "skits". Peers both younger and older came to record their opinions on school, pop culture, their social lives, and in return - Bryant used the skits to narrate mixed CDs that featured monthly servings of brand new artists and music.

The skits grew from being random to scripted and the B.White Mix grew from Laurens, SC to across the upstate. Bryant made sure that each mix told a story, kept a theme, and fit the lives of his high school peers. Each B.White Mix even came with an underlying message that through the fun and excitement, also helped the listener remember what was truly important in their lives. Bryant sold the mixes 1 for $2 and 3 for $5, made deliveries to whomever was eager to hear, and instead of being boxed in by what the radio chose to play - did whatever was necessary to make sure that his peers got a chance to listen to a wide variety of what the world had to offer - .

The B.White Mix expanded once Bryant found his way to The University of South Carolina in August of 2008.  Though being loyal to the upstate of SC, the fan base for the mixes grew. However, as time and listeners advanced - so did technology and the internet.  By 2012, Bryant had found work in various areas through sound and also began to focus his time toward managing his art & education focused nonprofit - A.Bevy, Inc. This coupled with the new aveneues for everyone to keep up with new music through blogs, their phones, and social media made it harder for the B.White Mix to remain relevant. The world could now get new music at their fingertips from any artist we could think of, so Bryant White and mixtape DJs worldwide had to switch up the formula and ways they approached their compilation creations.

Bryant continued to make mixes for specific reasons - mainly as promotional tools for events or fundraisers. However, in respect to its monthly reign in the late 2000's, the "B.White Mix" had taken a hiatus. Now in 2016, we are proud to hold the niche higher in concept compilations. The return of the B.White Mix comes with an uplifted focus on the story, the song selection, and the experience that the playlist selections and "skits" gives the listener.

The B.White mix no longer specifically delivers "new" music to the audience's ear, but brings together sounds from various time ranges and genres in order to not specifically highlight what is new, but to assist in remembering what is classic - giving our listener the experience - through sound - to remember what truly matters to them.

Download a B.White Mix today and see how the stories apply to your life, your memories, and who you truly are as a person.

If you have a concept and are interested in assisting with curating your own B.White Mix, contact us via email or phone. Until then... enjoy. | (864) 872-2508