Happiness is defined as a state of good fortune, prosperity; the condition of being successful, thriving, joyous; and the emotion evoked by the prospect of possessing what one desires.


Operation Make The Bride Happy - Operation Make The Best Happen

Since 2015, OMTBH has provided services for 200+ weddings across the states and abroad. The OMTBH team takes pride in building a personal connection with each client that allows us to provide the compassioante execution needed in the attainment of happiness for your wedding day. Our team specializes in orchestrating events that focus in on the uniqueness of each client's personality and desires. By getting to know our clients on such a level, we create unique, personable experiences in order to make your wedding day as perfect as it is destined to be.

The great thing about life is that it is never about what happens - but how we react to it. OMTBH Wedding House was created with a goal of creating, uplifting, and maintaining happiness in any and all situations. Your day will not only be memorable because of how perfectly executed your decor is, how amazing the people are that show up, or how great the food, speeches, and music are - but even more for how all of these things make you feel in that once in a lifetime moment. We are here to ensure both the execution of bringing your dream to fruition while also making sure the happiness you deserve is attained.

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Bryant Kirk White & Adrienne Marie White, Founders

The founders of OMTBH Wedding House grew up in a household where event planning naturally became a part of their lives through their mother. From children to teenagers, they helped her with a myriad of facades to a plethora of events - including weddings. At a young age, they found pleasure and an onus in doing whatever they could to ensure the happiness of others.

As a DJ since 2006, Bryant Kirk White has planned, assisted with production, directed, and provided sound for hundreds of events. Throughout the years, his sister, Adrienne White, assisted him not only behind the scenes, but she also stood present at events to ensure that execution continued there. In 2013, weddings became their main focus. From the beginning, they understood that the DJ had specific responsibilities. However, they soon found themselves assisting in various other areas of the wedding experience. This has given them more than 10 years of experience with the base that OMTBH stands upon - execution and attainment.

Execution and Attainment

The OMTBH Wedding House vision is: to provide an experience, no matter the obstacle, that ensures the happiness that each and every one of us deserves. Through compassionate execution, the attainment of happiness is guaranteed.