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The best events are always well-lit events. The right lighting provides a stunningly elegant effect that will enhance any space. Adding accents, highlights, or color brings life, vibrancy, and excitement into your wedding and completely changes not only the look, but the entire feel of your event.

Our lighting service tends specifically to your venue and your dreams. By researching and visiting your venue ahead of time alongside consultations that allow us to see your true vision - we aim to create the perfect ambience for your celebration of love.


Uplighting consists of providing professional level LED par can lights to add the splash or wash of color on the walls of your ceremony or reception space. Whether neutral colors like off white, champagne, & blush or vivid colors like red, pink, purple, blue, or anything else you can think of - uplighting sets the perfect mood for the environment that you always dreamed of for your wedding day.

Dance Floor Lighting

Dance floor lighting focuses directly on your dance floor and helps create the perfect party atmosphere for the celebration of your love. Providing a LED strobing wash effect that matches the music that is played, dance floor lighting is a stand-alone compliment to your celebration and the memories that will be made.

Monogram/Gobo Lighting

Gobo lighting is decorative lighting that adds the perfect customized accent to your wedding. A “Gobo” is a small stenciled circular disc used in lighting fixtures to create a projected image or pattern. This stencil can be used to create a custom monogram, logo, or quote to be shined on a wall, ceiling, or floor.